Fairytale Entertainment was founded in 2009 by Sandy Eplett, mom of 5 rambunctious kids, who love theatre and the art of make believe. Years of acting, theatre and voice-over work birthed the dream of an entertainment company that would provide enchanted princess and super hero parties and events that would impact the children of their community with positive role models. Now that her children are older they are able to participate in the business as well.  Being actresses and actors with a passion to bring wholesome entertainment, they are great crowd pleasers! They are interactive with the party children, making them feel very important on their special day.

     Now they are bringing that talent to your living room, school room or major event!  They are excited to be able to fulfill your little one's dreams by coming dressed in their favorite, enchanted character and interacting with them in a dynamic show, "edutainment",  face painting or balloon sculptures!  

     We love to excite and delight children. We have a message of hope for them. They can make a difference in this world! We weave this message into all of our parties and events.  Not only do we want them to have a magical experience on their special day, but we want them to realize that they can change the world with their own talents and gifts.  

You will be glad you chose Fairytale Entertainment as your one stop character shop. With over 40 different characters to choose from! We have you covered!